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big problem the new login captures Started by dieglo 2016-09-27 at 15:01
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i dont understand and it make me angry, if i have to click 20 30 or more times, to find an accetable nearly readable capture of diffusing unlogical coulors.

believe me

with this shit new capture you terrorise members to need a login try perhaps a half hour incl 2x capture for login and for ptc clicking.

if i would be a guest to take a look in only after 10 disgusting captures i would give up, so i did with other using this terrible capture

even that sound option is no option, because its spell much too fast to use it.

you will lose customer, then continue this fuck.

you make me very angry

day by day
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i thought it was solved, because until yesterday there were only easy readable phrases, ].

now again.

todays solution was outbiau

does this capture make any sence?

to login here today i had luck, but in epicclix i needed 40 min to the reading ptc page

this capture s]is shit

why epic not use the other common and well working capture solutions with pictures e.g. rivers houses trees, or with five easy readable letters?
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what makes this letters combination = laycoa

this broughy\t me here now over the capture barrier

that makes no sence

this captuire system is faulty, but why epic doesnt change to the aooroved well working others
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a few days login was easy to find

clear phases such as

thank you

today again faulty a mass of couleurs and illogical letters in a row

difficult to c and difficult to pass

i had again some tries and felt lucky not again to need 4o minutes for these faulty capture

if anybody can telll me what kind o solution is the todays login capture solution


pleas answer
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i still trust in epic at all

i am bronce zenmate and epicbux now silver in epicclix with 450 RR, but

i still c a big big problem with your capture

somedays its fine, giving solution like thank you, thrn other days its again just a mass of letters as today

shiaoo why is it so faulty?

its not your mistake as when clix has a problem, then zen too.

please give me an answer

dont you c that except you 99 % use another capture script

this capture scripture is very faulty i guess 50 %

and i can only be very happy with you, when the capture works good

if i cant login 1 day i will lose money!!!!!!
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now capture was straytoa

i needed nearly a half hour for this

and now im not alone

another user complaint the same.


he could not login the whole day, so will lose profit from his RR tomorrow.

that is scandalous and you should change this.

there is a mistake.

i use nothing special

firefox windows 10

so what you will do
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that was the capture to the view ADS

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