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ZenAdvert 1 year birthday.
Published on 05-05-2017

Hello members,

Today is ZenAdvert 1 year birthday.

I really appreciate all our members trust and support.

To celebrate this great achievement, 3 promotions will be served on all our sister sites (EpicBux, ZenAdvert, EpicClix).

Please check the Promotion board.

Again, thank you so much.

Best regards,
ZenAdvert Admin

Withdrawal raffle will be implemented.
Published on 01-04-2017




Withdraw raffle is added on the left menu.

- 5 tickets daily.
- If there's no winner, winner will be picked up next day from raffle participants on that day.

Good luck!!!


Best regards,

ZenAdvert Admin

ZenAdvert 10 months promotion!!!
Published on 05-03-2017
PTC Ads and Fixed Ads price down
Published on 01-03-2017


Hello members,

PTC Ads and Fixed Ads price are down.

It's lowest price among the PTC sites.

If you are looking for a low cost and cost effective advertising service, it will be the best choice.

Advertising Strategies
- Drive unique traffic: Create high value Ads
- Drive only traffic: Create several low value Ads Click this icon on each ad to check that ad's daily click count.

Hope our members achieve advertising goal.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
ZenAdvert Admin

ZenAdvert 9 months promotion!!!
Published on 05-02-2017
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