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ZenAdvert 9 months promotion!!!
Published on 05-02-2017
Happy New Year!!!
Published on 01-01-2017


Hello members,

First of all, I wish you all Happy New Year 2017 from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for all our members' support and trust on our sites last year, especially during difficult times.

I would like provide a special 1 day promo for a good start of the year.
It expires on 1/1/2017 23:59:59.

- Membership Discount
: 10% discount on all membership

- Deposit Bonus
(Manually credited within 24 hours)
: $5 ~ $99 = 10 % bonus to Purchase Balance
: $100 ~ $499 = 15% bonus to Purchase Balance
: $500 ~ $999 = 20% bonus to Purchase Balance
: $1,000 ~ $2,499 = 25% bonus to Purchase Balance
: $2,500+ = 30% bonus to Purchase Balance

Again, Happy New Year!!!

ZenAdvert Admin

EpicClix 1 year birthday.
Published on 22-10-2016

Hello members,

Today is EpicClix 1 year birthday.

Will break through hard time, and stay long.

Promotion will be extended 10/25/2016 23:59.

Thank you.

Best regards,
ZenAdvert admin

EpicClix achieves 1 year soon.
Published on 28-09-2016

Hello member,

First of all, I am sorry for the PayPal limitation.

I think PayPal will not release the limitation, and site should continue with Payza and BitCoin.

While site has been growing fast, the PayPal limitation was happened.
So, I was really disappointed and lose my passion little bit.

But still lots of members have trust and faith on the site,
I have to cheer up for our members.

There was a bad news, but good news comes too.
Site will achieve 1 year soon.

From today to birthday, there will be big promotions.
Click here "EpicClix 1 year promotion!!!"
This promotions will make our members happy and support site financially.

The pending payment will be faster when the promotions are successful.

Hope our members participation on the promotions.

Thank you.

ZenAdvert Admin

3 months online promotion.
Published on 08-08-2016
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